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Monday, 7 April 2014

Getting Married | Going to the Races

Finding the perfect pair of shoes quite often means having to spend a little more than planned so that we have the perfect match that goes with our outfits.  

We arrive at the celebration venue only to find that it involves walking across the soft ground or across the sand.  Sometimes we even find ourselves feeling guilty with our stiletto heels creating holes in the soft brand new polished floors. 

Feeling like you have the highest heels in the group and standing proud with your purchase and a proud woman in heels, the thought of your gorgeous high heels being damaged does not put a smile on your face.

So when we found these fantastic high heel protectors for grass we were ecstatic.  These heel covers are just perfect for getting married, going to the races, and any occasion where you just don't want to damage your brand new  sexy shoes.

We love our clean heels heel stoppers and you can be assured that these high heel protectors really do work.   They are really flexible and stop you sinking into the soft ground

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