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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Your Wedding Reception Food

One thing people often remember when going to wedding receptions is the food, whether it's good or bad. Yes, I know the cost is important, but something you should consider when you are choosing your wedding menu is your guests.
I know it's your wedding, but you are spending a lot of money so you want people to like what is being served. Let me give you some tips so your guests can enjoy your reception food.
How about giving them a choice
It's always a great idea to offer them a choice on what they'd like to eat.  There's other things to remember like people with food allergies, vegetarians, people on diets.  By providing them different choices they can choose what they would like to eat.  If you have a tight budget, it's okay to have two options.
Keep it simple
Just because dishes may not look fancy, it doesn't mean that it won't taste good. If guests are faced with something that they aren't sure what it is, they may be reluctant to eat it so don't go for things that people can't identify or too fancy.  So simple is good.  
A extremely popular choice at the moment are the cupcakes.  They can be more cost effective and easy to eat.  Lots of colour can brighten up your reception.  So why not try them yourself.
Keep it clean
Everyone at your wedding reception will probably be wearing their best clothes. So it's a good idea to stay away from food that is very messy or could cause stains that's difficult to remove later.
Remember, you will probably be wearing a white dress. The last thing you will want is to have something spilt on that beautiful wedding dress and ruining it.  Be careful.
Think about what you have had at other wedding receptions you've been too, what you liked or didn't like about them. It's a good way to plan your own wedding reception menu.  Put excitement into planning your wedding reception menu. 

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