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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Flower Girl Baskets and Ring Cushions - Delightful Accessories That Are Too Cute

Flower girl baskets and ring cushions have been long in the traditions of weddings. Everybody loves watching the procession of the bridal part at the wedding.   The suspense of how the bride will be looking and seeing the rest of the guests dressed expensively is exciting to watch. The guests are all awaiting for the arrival of the couple and start with their wedding wows, but someone might steal the show – ‘the flower girls’. The flower girls holding their flower baskets play an important role in any wedding celebration. The flower girls are a great way to incorporate the young generation into the wedding party.

It Is An Etiquette

Having a flower girl and a ring bearer is all about calling tradition etiquette. Whom you are choosing for these roles is up to you and how you are dressing them up with all required accessories is to be decided. However, kids aging six and under are suggested for these pretty roles.

You can make your ring bearer and flower girl look the prettiest and feel special by helping them with something exclusive to hold than just routine. So, how would you start?

Flower Girl Baskets

Your pretty little flower girl will not just be stealing the show, but she’ll certainly be something in your wedding that your guests will remember for days. To avoid making her look overload you need to see:
  • That the baskets are girly and whimsical, so that your flower girl feels like a princess.
  • Give her the basket that is appropriate to her size and matching to her dress as well.
  • Make sure to practice with your flower girl before the wedding

Ring Cushions

Traditionally, the ring bearers carry satin white cushion with the wedding rings placed on the top. The cushion has threads on it, wherein the wedding rings are tied to avoid slipping. Now with the changing of time and trend, these cushions have changed their appearance and available in most fashionable design and style. Most importantly to make sure that the cushion you choose is not too big. There are lots of designs, patterns and shapes to choose from. Also, know that it is matching as per the wedding theme. You can also have some antique cushion that serves the purpose or order it online.

Depending on the wedding theme, everything has to be in sync right from the d├ęcor to the table decoration to the wedding dress and finally the flower girl baskets and ring cushions. If you are hiring a wedding planner, let him/her know about your ideas and that way you can have your kind of imagination turning into reality.

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